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The refill data pertains to selected distributors in major towns.
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"Transparency Portal" is aimed at providing the citizens of India the information on the number of HP Gas consumers (distributor wise) and the number of refills consumed by HP Gas consumers from 1st of April, 2015
Domestic LPG is a subsidized commodity and the subsidy is borne by the Government and the Oil marketing companies.
The portal aims at providing information on the consumers who are enjoying this subsidy and their consumption of HP Gas domestic LPG cylinders.
The portal only displays refill history, address and no other personal information of the consumer.
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied herein, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Unless otherwise indicated, data available here are collected, collated, transliterated and digitized by the HP Gas Distributors and not directly generated by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. For any feedback on mistakes/corrections please contact your distributor along with supporting documents.
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